Travelling from London to Kiev. Where to rent a car?

Travelling around Ukraine becomes more and more popular for Europeans. First of all, it attracts people by specific cultural traditions. The other reason is that, in compare with other European countries, Ukraine still remains a mystery. Every traveler wants to be an explorer and Ukraine helps to make an own discovery.

The first city that should be visited in every country is its capital. So if you decide to explore Ukraine you should start from Kiev. Kiev is an ancient city and has a lot of places that should be visited by every tourist. Unfortunately they are too far from each other and because of it you cannot use a walking tour.

There is wide network of public transportation in Kiev – buses, trolleybuses, trams, subway can bring you to every point of the city. However public transportation is not comfortable for foreign people because all notices as well as markers are made in Ukrainian. So it’s easy to get lost in a big and strange city. Also you can travel using a taxi. The taxi will deliver you to every point you wish and in comfortable time. However it costs too expensive.

So the wisest decision for travelling around Kiev is to rent a car. Renting a car you can visit every showplace in comfortable time. It’s important that the road network is well developed and roads have high quality. This fact make you trip easy and convenient. Of course, if you choose correct renting company.

The first problem that may appear for foreign travelers is a language barrier. A rent manager should understand your wishes and be able to answer all your questions.

The other one is that renting car may be old and bad conditioned. Driving is a part of your trip and should make you joy as well.

The third problem is internal traffic laws. Good car renting company should provide you with traffic rules before your trip.

To solve these problems you can try to read some reviews and comments on specific websites. However Ukraine still remains not too popular and there are not enough people who can share their Ukrainian experience. That’s why you should apply to Ukr-prokat.

Ukr-prokat is one of the best car renting companies in Kiev. There’s a great range of good conditioned cars of different models and sizes. Before the trip you can choose a specific one and tell the exact location where you need it. A convenient website will help you to make a wise choice. Anyway if you have some questions professional and well English-speaking phone operator will clarify all the details. They explain you Ukrainian traffic law and navigate you on unknown road.

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