Top 10 cinemas in London

Although each family today have a good colored TV, visiting cinema is still a very popular leisure time, especially in London. When it is raining ourside and the weather is not so great to spend time in the parks of the capital, it is better to visit one of the best 10 cinemas in London.

• Clapham Picturehouse

The place offers a great comfort: you can lean on the chair and watch the cinema ceiling resembling the starred sky. It is allowed to take a glass of wine with you (buy it in the Clapham Picturehouse). While watching a movie you will sip wine and enjoy the action.
Clapham Picturehouse

• Rooftop Film Club

The most important experience which can give you the cinema on the open air is to share with you amazing romance of modern Urbania. Night lights of London outside and watching favorite actors create something more than just a movie. When you come to London, visit the Rooftop Film Club Movies are shown on the roofs in Kensington, Shoreditch and London Fields. The tickets should be booked in advance: the cinema on the roof it too popular.
Rooftop Film Club

• Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema Private parties in London are penetrated with mystery and with unknown.
The British love to have fun and know how to do it with a special taste. Secrets Cinema parties are surprising themed events, which you can visit buying a ticket in advance online. Then you are given instructions where the party will take place and what is the dress code. Very often visitors are offered to come to the movie being dressed into the characters of the movie you are going to watch.
Secret Cinema

• Electric Cinema

The cinema was opened in 1911, has survived two world wars. Amazing legends and stories about Electric Cinema include the chilling one: they say in the late 1940s the famous serial killer John Reginald Halliday Christie was demonstrating movies there. Now the place is one of the best entertainments in London. While watching the film, visitors can call the waiter and order a glass of the best in London absinthe with olives or coffee with hand-made chocolate. In addition to the familiar halls the place has rooms where the viewers can pick any movie they want to watch.
Electric Cinema

• BFI Imax

This cinema has got the biggest screen in the UK (up five double-decker buses), stunning sound, and if you go to watch a movie in 3D, you will be given the special funny glasses. Action movies, children’s cartoons and documentaries demonstrated there make this cinema a great place for a family rest.
BFI Imax

• Odeon Leicester Square

This is the most famous cinema in Europe and the largest one in London. It is always full of famous public people and “average” Londoners and guests of the capital.This is the place where the most “scandal” premieres and the highest-grossing movies are demonstrated. To buy tickets to Odeon Leicester Square you will have to spend some time in the checkout line. The building features a 37-meter tower, which usually advertises the new movies. Celebrities are the often visitors of Odeon.
Odeon Leicester Square

• National Film Theatre (NFT)

People come here to see a masterpiece of Bunuel or any of the winners of the last festival in Cannes. National Cinema House was opened in 1933. It shows annually around 1000 movies. The NFT has one of the largest screens in the UK. Films are shown in 2D and 3D formats. It has the largest archive of film materials, which includes more than 210 000 TV programs, 7 million photos and 15,000 posters.
National Film Theatre

• Everyman Cinema Club

The cinema was opened in 1933 in a unique historic building and it was recently remodeled. Now it has 2 cinema halls, several bars, the hall that can be rented and a luxurious cinema Screen – One with leather seats and tables.

• The Horse Hospital

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at The Horse Hospital – the avant-garde cinema in the heart of London, near Russell Square. In the old building of the former hospital for horses now rare films are demonstrated, exhibitions and music concerts are hold, and many of them are free or cost a little.
The Horse Hospital

• Riverside Studios

Astonishing movie theater and contemporary art center in the West of London. Modern design, a cafe a view of the river and the best of the non-commercial movies in the repertoire – all these things build a special atmosphere of the Riverside Studios. Here you can also often watch performances of foreign theaters and visit contemporary art exhibitions.
Riverside Studios

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