Spectacular hidden hotel gardens in London

There should be place where the one can get away from noisy crowds, loud car horns, everyday troubles, break out of the city hustle without running out of the town. Place where the one can find peace and harmony, enjoy the time on their own. Such place can be a part of your hotel as another side of outdoor London, that you should experience. Let’s take a peak and travel a little through several garden paths in London!

Morning tea in exquisite The Goring hotel

The Goring hotel London

One of the most exclusive and charming places, that has its own unique history and impeccability is The Goring hotel – huge private space in the center of London. It has been run by the same family for more than hundred years and has been famous for The Goring Gardens, largest private gardens in London. The Gardens provides its guests with perfectly chosen garden furniture, pretty terrace, heady aroma in the air, fine breakfast and afternoon tea. Perfect place to escape busy life for a little while and enjoy the moment of tranquility.

World of fantasy in Sanderson

Sanderson hotel London

Little journey form the bustle of the crowded city into the world of comfort and well-being offers Sanderson hotel in the central part of London. Courtyard garden is the first place that must be checked out. Beautiful open-air island is surrounded by blooming flowers, flowering trees, living walls and green plants. Outdoor furniture represented by stylish tables, comfortable couches with small pillows. Guests can experience unique cuisine, try out hand-made liqueurs and botanicals, feel the huge contrast between the world outside and Sanderson`s magic atmosphere.

Central-London retreat at the Roof Garden Rooms Hotel 

Lovely boutique hotel, located in the center of London, provides its visitors with cozy rooms and beautiful rooftop garden. Rooftop garden atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful. Fresh air, exquisite plants, pretty flowers and well picked garden furniture will take you away from the reality for a little while and make your stay at the Roof Garden Hotel memorable.

Village feel rooftop terrace at

Ham Yard Hotel London

Last but not least amazing Ham Yard Hotel with its beautiful rooftop terrace on the fourth floor. The hotel is situated in the middle of Soho, London. The garden is well equipped with garden furniture like upholstered seating with pillows, comfy benches, rattan coffee tables. There is also a bar. But the amazing part is decoration and plants in the garden which are rather extraordinaire and represented by bee hives, vegetable garden, different kinds of herbs, olive trees, fruit trees such as apple and pear.

The garden is blooming l during the whole year with a great variety of seasonal flowers like poppies, lemon, jasmine and others, making the air scent heady and mind blowing. The summer time is even more amazing, because lots of fruits and vegetables can be seen growing, like raspberries, strawberries, broccoli, parsley, etc. Quite impressive! Ham Yard rooftop garden captures your imagination. This is definitely something unexpected and worth seeing.

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