Scents for romantic day in London

Those, who tell everybody about romanticism of Paris, have never been to London. Being the oddest and mysterious place ages ago (probably it was connected with London fog), this city is still penetrated with the atmosphere of mysticism and romantic mood. Today the daylife of a huge European megapolis is a total fuss, traffic jams, shopping, crowds of curious tourists, advertisement of everything which can be sold to you and a lot of other things which lead each one who spends several day in this atmosphere, to stress. However, London nights and some hidden cozy places save the “fussy” situation in the UK capital. Those, who wish to relax somewhere, can easily make a romantic dinner with candles everywhere.

Unlike old good English times, when dinners with candles were something absolutely traditional (candles simply gave light), nowadays scented candles create the romantic, sometimes even sexy atmosphere. These candles even look different. Now these are large glass jars filled with the special stuff – the mixture of organic wax, essential oils and fragrances. Each of the fragrances compositions can arise the mixture of various feelings, starting from the simplest nice mood to passionate desire towards the person sitting now opposite.

The best scented candles brands offered at Aroma Home and in the other popular places dealing with essential oils, fragrances and aroma sticks include the popular Yankee Candle (all scents you can find here), Herve Gambs and Mathilde M. scented candles. While the products of Yankee Candle, Herve Gambs come in large jars of glass with tops, Mathilde M. scented candles are placed inside the luxury vases and glasses. The aromas and fragrances of this fantastic stuff are mixed cherry blossom with vanilla and almonds (Voltige) or a white cedar and wood of rare species ambergris and vanilla pod, white musk and frankincense (Marquise candle). The variety of Scents for romantic day in London is so great, that any gentleman, offering a lady a date, can feel being at a loss choosing the right aroma. The prompts below will help you choosing your “right’ small and make a London romantic date amazing!

-The following fragrances relax: lavender, lemon balm, geranium, mandarin, basil, chamomile, patchouli, ylang-ylang, bergamot;

-Aromas of orange tree, mandarin, marjoram, lavender calm down and arise sweet romantic mood;

– Ylang-ylang, lavender, jasmine, verbena penetrate you with lust and desire;

– Eucalyptus, pine, lemon balm and lemon give you a fresh feeling;

– Basil, verbena, rosemary, eucalyptus stimulate;

– Sandalwood, coconut, cinnamon and coriander relieve fatigue;

-Basil, ylang-ylang, lavender, neroli, Turkish rose, sandalwood, thyme are aphrodisiacs which give you the sexual feeling.

Hope, London will stay in your mind as the most romantic place due to the right chose scented candles and their wonderful aroma.

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