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Kings Rd Surrey London TW10 5HS

07:30 - 18:15

Richmond Park in the UK is a national nature reserve which was established in the 17th century and was considered to be a deer park. Read more…

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Teddington TW11 0EQ, United Kingdom

06:30 - 19:00

The eight Royal Parks are an important part of London today. It’s hard to imagine the capital without those green islands. Read more…

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Victoria Park Rd London E3 5SN

opens at 7am and closes at dusk 364 days a year as the park is closed on Christmas Day.

Viktoria park is a huge and marvelous park with a long history, which is situated in the East End of London. Read more…

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Park Row London SE10 8XJ

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Greenwich park in the heart of London is one of the eight Royal parks attracting its visitors with wonderful views facing the Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Read more…

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Queenstown Rd London SW11 4NJ

8am until dusk. However, to allow access to park facilities, the park gates are opened every day at 6.30am and are closed again at 10.30pm. Fountains display Main display: 10am to 6pm Crystal display: 10am to 5pm, on the hour every hour for 10 minutes Closed from late November to early March

Battersea Park in London is a sight worth visiting by everyone. It is an enormous Victorian park opened in 1858. Read more…

London Parks

There are lots of gardens, squares and parks in London. All together, they cover about 15% of the area of the whole city. London wasn’t always a big city, it developed from many small settlements. Surrounding forests and fields were fenced by households and they were turned into a place of the hunt for royalties and their entourage. The very first parks in the capital of this country were the royal ones. But in XVII-XVIII centuries in many Royal Parks the smaller aristocracy divided parts of the parks and finally, in the XIX century, these parks were opened to the locals. At that time were opened the first public parks for the ordinary citizens.

Today, London’s parks provide an escape from the noise and give the possibility to relax just here, in the centre of the huge city. The best parks of London preserve the history, culture and lifestyle of modern Londoners.

The Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens, placed in Regent’s Park is a favorite place of tourists and locales in London. Highly recommend is also St.James’s Park, which offers the best views of known all over the world Buckingham Palace and the the White Hall.

On the territory of Green Park there are no ponds, no monuments or famous mason buildings, the Canadian memorial fountain and Constance.

Holland Park’s avenue of oaks consists of thousands of different species of these trees. There is a park of stones, made in Japanese style. There is also a lot of sculptures made of natural stone: bridges, animal figures, stone composition, decorated with flowers, an artificial pond and waterfall

Richmond Park represents a huge green area of 2,000 acres with picturesque lakes, green fields, rivers and old forest trees which preserve a good memory of the royal hunts since the days of Charles the First. Many park trees have witnessed the royal hunts.