Luxury London`s hotels and swimming pools area

Choosing the outdoor furniture to use it near swimming pools and in gardens, most of luxurious London hotels prefer rattan stuff. Rattan House has been dealing with the most comfortable and inexpensive furniture from synthetic rattan. These wicked rattan chairs, tables and stools are often used in outdoor terraces, near hotels’ swimming pools. Rattan safely withstands the humid climate and temperature changes, and never fades when placed outside.


Today Rattan House offers the best quality wicker furniture. Rattan has a very hard core and soft, in some cases even a flexible trunk. Therefore, wicker furniture from rattan is sufficiently flexible but extremely durable at the same time. Sometimes specialists compare oak with rattan! It can withstand up to 500 kg of weight, and the outdoor furniture made from this material will last about 40 years. It is a non-toxic material. Typically, rattan is expensive, but it is worth buying when you furnish a high-class hotel.

Wicker garden furniture from rattan has been in trend for a pretty long time. There is no other material that would have the same optimal combination of aesthetic appeal, environmental friendliness and superior wear resistance. This furniture is resistant to any weathering, endures heavy rains, humidity of London, its fogs and even serious snowfalls. Rattan fits perfectly into the landscape of luxurious hotels’ gardens, patios and becomes a real decoration around swimming pools. It is fantastically pleasant to sit at the wicked comfortable chair, relaxing and resting near the swimming pool on in the hotel patio. Wicker tables and chairs are very comfortable to use, they are easily moved from place to place, and often are fold.

Synthetic rattan shows the same characteristics as the natural stuff. It is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation and water. Furniture made of it can stand 24 hours in the sun or under the rain, and nothing will happen to it. Synthetic rattan is cheaper than the natural material.

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